Tuesday, December 9, 2014

At Radford, Application Submission, Review and Decision Can Happen in Less than a Day

Radford University is now using the Admit online evaluation and decision system to process its graduate applications, and has reported that the new, paperless system has greatly improved efficiency, transparency and communication.

According to Rebecca Conner, Director of Graduate Enrollment for Radford University, “the flexible and user friendly design has been well received by graduate faculty and certainly facilitated the abandonment of an all-paper evaluation process without reservation.  Using this product has allowed Graduate Admissions to process applications and admission decisions more efficiently, which in turn allows our applicants to be notified much more quickly of an admission decision.”

For one applicant in particular, her application was submitted, processed, reviewed, and completed with a final admission decision within a matter of hours – less than a single business day. 

Learn more about how Admit can improve your admissions process here.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Montana State Admissions Team is “Pure Gold” – Wins Award for Implementing ApplyWeb Online Application System

MSU staffers Amanda Round, Laura Collins and Melis Edwards were awarded the school’s Pure Gold Award for their success in implementing the ApplyWeb® online application processing system and streamlining Montana State’s graduate admissions process.

High praise for great work
According to the nominating committee, “The team has worked tirelessly without disruptive service of their existing workload to improve the graduate application process for The Graduate School at Montana State University.”

Huge improvements for admissions

“The new application system streamlines the admissions process for graduate students; it is aligned with the quality, standards, and exceptional education here at MSU. It is 100 percent electronic and provides both prospective student and faculty/staff portals to apply, track, and review the status of applications.”

Congratulations, Amanda, Laura, and Melis for your achievement!

Learn how ApplyWeb can streamline application processing on your campus here.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Montana Tech Ranks Number One on Social Mobility Index New Ranking Identifies Schools That Best Serve Low-Income Students

According to the Social Mobility Index (SMI), when it comes to providing opportunities for underserved students, the wealthiest schools are not necessarily doing the best job.  The SMI, a partnership of CollegeNET and PayScale, Inc., ranks US colleges and universities according to the number of lower-income students they help to enroll, graduate, and obtain well-paying jobs.

See where schools stand on the SMI at socialmobilityindex.org

The SMI ranks schools according to five variables:
Published tuition
Percentage of student body from families below the US median income
Graduation rate of low-income students
Reported salary after graduation for low-income students

According to Lydia Frank, Editorial Director at PayScale, “The SMI rankings clearly show that colleges and universities can be part of improving both economic opportunity and social stability in our country. “A school can most dramatically move itself upward in the SMI rankings by lowering its tuition or increasing its percentage of economically disadvantaged students – or both.” 

Read the SMI story in Campus Technology

The Latest Institutions to License Intelligent Connections Admissions Systems from CollegeNET

        ·  University of Pennsylvania Grad School           ·  North Alabama University
        ·  Cornell University Graduate School                  ·  University of Tennessee
        ·  Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies                        ·  Emory University
        ·  WAnet                                                               ·  Saint Paul School of Theology
        ·  Northwestern University Center for                   ·  Oklahoma State University
        Communication & Health                                     ·  Northern Arizona University
        ·  CSU Northridge Graduate Studies                    ·  Northeastern University

These institutions have chosen CollegeNET’s centralized electronic admissions and recruiting system to improve efficiency, reduce administrative time and paper consumption, and improve the application experience for students and prospects.  CollegeNET’s  Intelligent Connections® admission application processing, evaluation, and CRM systems also maximize yield and retention because they enable schools to more successfully target students and stay connected with them throughout the entire admissions and decision process.

Get more information about CollegeNET’s Intelligent Connections® Systems here

University of Washington: “Relieved, Impressed, and Thrilled!”

University of Washington Admissions recently concluded annual changes to its ApplyWeb® online application forms, hosted by CollegeNET.

Here’s what Paul Seegert, Director of Admissions at UW, had to say about the experience:

“REALLY great work!!! I know we threw a lot of changes at you with not a lot of time to implement. I'm relieved, impressed, and thrilled all at once!”

The ApplyWeb admission application processing system is a SaaS service hosted by CollegeNET, which makes it easy for schools to keep their application forms complete and up to date.

Learn more about how CollegeNET can meet your institution’s exacting application requirements here

Saginaw Valley State University Loves 25Live and SaaS!

On a recent tour through the Great Lakes area, CollegeNET VP of Client Relations, James VanArsdel, stopped in on the good folks at Saginaw Valley State University in University Center, Michigan to make sure things were going well. He is happy to report that the SVSU crew 'loves 25live!' and that their move to SaaS has resulted in improved performance overall.

According to Kristen Willert, Associate Director for The Conference Center at SVSU, they use 25Live for all scheduling functions. Additionally, they have several key expansion projects in the works, including implementing native 25Live pricing and developing integration with CaterTrax, Sprocket and OrgSync. They are also developing a wayfinding system with directional kiosks deployed around campus that will help folks navigate to campus spaces managed within 25Live.

Learn more about how 25Live can streamline your institution's enterprise scheduling operations here

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

25Live API Restores Mad Love, Prevents Rioting at Loyola Law School!

Corinne St. Claire, Assistant Director of Instructional Design and Technology at Loyola Law School, was faced with a dilemma: Deliver a “grid” view for 25Live or face certain mutiny from users! Fortunately for her, 25Live’s robust API allowed her team to easily build the desired grid. In her words:

“I wanted to let you know that the API is great! As you know, one of our concerns was a lack of a “grid” view in 25Live, something R25 had and our users fell madly in love with. Thanks to your API, we were able to design our own “grid,” powered by 25Live, that will prevent rioting on our campus.:) So, thank you for having an API that is easy to work with!” 

Learn more about 25Live here.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Clemson University Migrates to SaaS Scheduling System in Record Time

Clemson University recently elected to move their Series25® scheduling operations to the SaaS platform.  With expert assistance from CollegeNET staff, the new system was up and running in under a month!
Here’s what Vandy Travelstead, the Application Analyst at Clemson who helped coordinate the move, had to say about working with CollegeNET:

“Thank you all for such excellent support and response times. You are all top notch and a pleasure to work with!”

If you’ve been thinking about a move to SaaS, you can rely on CollegeNET’s expert technical and functional staff to be there with you every step of the way to ensure a smooth transition.  Learn more about CollegeNET SaaS services here

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

University of Houston is Glad they Chose CollegeNET!

The University of Houston recently licensed CollegeNET's ApplyWeb® online admissions application system, and it sounds like they're glad they did:  

"Thank you.  It has been a real pleasure to work with you and the rest of the CollegeNET team.  It feels good to work with true professionals.  I am really glad that we chose CollegeNET to help us with graduate applications."

-Dr. Dmitri Litvinov, Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies, University of Houston

Click here to learn more about how CollegeNET can serve your institution's application processing needs.  

Friday, October 10, 2014

The Latest Schools to Upgrade to 25Live:

     San Francisco State Univeristy (SaaS)    
    Colorado Mountain College (SaaS)
    Davidson County CC
    University of Louisville (SaaS)
    Georgia State University 
    CSU Fullerton (SaaS)
    University of Virginia
    CSU Monterey Bay (SaaS)

             University of No Colorado (SaaS)
             Midlands Technical College (SaaS)
             Mercer University (SaaS)
             University of Winnipeg
             Dutchess CC (SaaS)
             Creighton University (SaaS)
             Gavilan College (SaaS)
             Lynn University (SaaS)

Upgrading to 25Live® gives schools an all-in-one solution that makes event scheduling, resource management, and campus-wide calendaring easier and more efficient.  25Live also includes e-commerce features to manage event registration, ticket and merchandise sales, and event accounting online. CollegeNET technology assures schools the highest level of security and maintenance-free service.

Learn more about CollegeNET Scheduling, Calendaring, and Event Management systems.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

At George Mason, Departments Give a Big Thumbs-Up to Centralized Calendaring

Upgrading  to 25Live Publisher for academic and events scheduling has transformed George Mason University’s previously decentralized calendaring system.  Now, each department and university administrators can see what’s happening in all 200 of the school’s major venues on one central calendar.

According to Marylou Holly, Associate Registrar for Scheduling and Communication at George Mason, “We reviewed multiple scheduling systems, and CollegeNET’s 25Live offered the best solution for integration of academic and event scheduling into a centralized calendar publishing system.”

Flexibility is Key Benefit

Marylou says “Departments are thrilled with the new system because they have so many customizing options to give their calendars their own look.  And they know they can rely on finding all campus events in one place.  All the problems we used to have with double bookings, moving classes -- having to check and update multiple calendars whenever there was a schedule change – are gone now.”

Learn more about how 25Live can streamline your academic and events scheduling and calendar publishing here.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Series25 Scheduling Aids Campus Security at UT San Antonio

Campus police at University of Texas, San Antonio rely on CollegeNET Series25 reports to verify approved events and plan their room lock/unlock schedule.  Since campus event organizers are required to reserve centrally managed space through Series25, the system provides an accurate and complete schedule of all authorized campus events in these areas. 

According to Laura Rivas, Assistant Director of Events Management & Conference Services, the process has made such an improvement in security protocol efficiency that the campus police department is lobbying to have all university spaces managed through the Series25 system.  They’ve had some success recruiting participation from a couple of previously decentralized scheduling units:  after several years of either managing on their own or having the events office intake requests for them, Campus Recreation and the Convocation Center are now independently using Series25 for their facility scheduling.  Centralized management of all scheduling activities through Series25 will streamline security processes and provide campus police complete visibility of campus activities, which can be crucial in emergency situations. 

Learn more about how CollegeNET’s comprehensive Series25 Event & Space Management Solution can address the entire range of your centralized and decentralized scheduling requirements here. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

University of Wyoming Migrates Scheduling to 25Live SaaS; User Numbers Surge

University of Wyoming recently migrated their Series25 scheduling operations to CollegeNET  SaaS.  In the process, they picked up some new riders:  Athletics, University Movers, and the Stage Tech department, achieving a six-fold increase in the number of users in the system.  Bringing Athletics on was a major improvement, replacing an outdated Outlook-and-Paper scheduling system.  Athletics particularly likes the native invoicing capability of 25Live®, something the prior system did not provide.

Wyoming’s move to SaaS was executed in a blisteringly fast two weeks and, according to Crystal Bennett, Central Scheduling Manager at Wyoming, has resulted in more streamlined scheduling operations overall.  Technical support now flows directly from CollegeNET, instead of through their over taxed IT department.  Prior to the migration, the IT backlog had kept the scheduling system lagging four versions behind.  Moving to SaaS gave the school an immediate upgrade to the latest version of 25Live.

Learn more about how 25Live SaaS can improve scheduling operations and help alleviate IT overhead on your campus here.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

University of Oregon’s White Stag Building Transitions to 25Live: Easiest Software Migration in 17 years!

Doug Burzell, Information Technology Consultant at the University of Oregon, provides desktop support to students, faculty, and staff at the White Stag Building (WSB) in Portland, Oregon.  Doug recently completed the task of migrating existing R25 users over to 25Live, CollegeNET’s web-based scheduling interface.  In his words, it was the easiest software migration he’s managed in his 17 years as a technology consultant.  Doug spent about 1hr/user to train two of his users, and these two went on to train the remaining users.  In addition, Doug’s regular calls to the main campus for additional support for R25 have all but been eliminated, down from 1/month to almost zero since adopting 25Live.

To learn more about how easy moving to 25Live can be, and how the transition will improve your daily operations, please click

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Latest Schools to License International Credential Attachment Services

           Georgia Tech                                               California Institute of Technology
           Radford University                                       University of Oklahoma
           Virginia Tech                                               Idaho State University
           University of Houston                                   Fashion Institute of Technology

CollegeNET’s Credential Attachment Service streamlines the admissions process for Chinese applicants by allowing students, as they are applying, to electronically request independent, automatic delivery and attachment of reliable, correct copies of their academic transcripts and supporting documents verified by the China Ministry of Education.  The Credential Attachment Service is part of CollegeNET's IntelligentConnections® suite of SaaS admissions tools. 

Students Give High Marks to Scholarship Provider CollegeNET.com

“Dear CollegeNET, thank you for existing and doing what you do! It's truly a good set up to help translate hard work, exchange of ideas and a team spirit into happy students with degrees.” – Stephanie, University of Hawaii at Manoa

“CollegeNET has been great! I love being able to discuss anything with other people, and I only have to go on the forums that really interest me, which is different from a lot of other online scholarships where there is only one topic and we must write on that topic. It is nice that it doesn't matter what your GPA is, what extra-curriculars you do, or how well you answer the essay question based on judging standards. It only matters that you are honest, state your opinion as you see it, and are voted based on your peers' standards.” – Dessa, from Western Washington University

“Besides the financial rewards, I am excited by the curious intelligent people who have great thought-provoking ideas. These ideas add to my bank of knowledge such that I am learning and growing in my understanding of key issues. This is what makes CollegeNET.com unique and a gem in the pool of scholarship engines.” – Esther, University of Virginia

CollegeNET.com awards scholarships to currently enrolled students as well as recent graduates who are paying off student load debt. Weekly scholarships are awarded based on a peer voting systems and points earned for participation in student forums.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

CollegeNET Debuts New Video Interview Technology and Mobile Evaluation Software to capacity crowd at Annual User Conference

Office Tour
A record-breaking 543 attendees gathered in Portland, Oregon, in July for the annual CollegeNET User Conference.  Higher Ed administrators and staff from 230 schools across the country attended three days of workshops and seminars presented by CollegeNET employees and customers.  Demonstrations of new mobile-accessible admissions and event management technology were among the variety of seminars and workshops offered; and customer presentations gave attendees an opportunity to learn from the experiences of colleagues and get helpful advice.  Each year, in addition to the stimulating sessions, CollegeNET treats conference goers to the sights and culture of the beautiful Pacific Northwest with a variety of tours, activities and local entertainment.
Feedback from attendees included:

“This was by far the best conference I have ever attended. Thanks again for all of the hospitality. ”

”Thank you and all of the CollegeNET staff for putting on another great conference. All the sessions that I attended were so helpful, and they all had several very good takeaway notes. It was gratifying to meet the training and technical support staff in person, and to feel that everyone is glad to help.”

The next CollegeNET User Conference is scheduled for July 12-15, 2015. Registration opens in March at: corp.collegenet.com

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Latest Schools to Go Live with Series25 from CollegeNET

        Hamline University (SaaS)                                 SUNY at Old Westbury (SaaS)
        Ithaca College (SaaS)                                        Elmira College (SaaS)
        Chemeketa CC (SaaS)                                        Princeton University
        Colorado Mesa University                                  University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
        CSU Fullerton (SaaS)                                         CSU Monterey Bay (SaaS)                            
        Utah Valley University                                            

Series25® from CollegeNET provides advanced course and event scheduling, calendar publishing and analytics tools.  Series25 is available as a SaaS or on premises solution, only from CollegeNET. 

Get more information about CollegeNET Series25 Here

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Latest Schools to Upgrade to 25Live:

    San Francisco State Univeristy (SaaS)    
    Colorado Mountain College (SaaS)
    Davidson County CC
    University of Louisville (SaaS)
    Georgia State University 
    CSU Fullerton (SaaS)
    University of Virginia
    CSU Monterey Bay (SaaS)
             University of No Colorado (SaaS)
             Midlands Technical College (SaaS)
             Mercer University (SaaS)
             University of Winnipeg
             Dutchess CC (SaaS)
             Creighton University (SaaS)
             Gavilan College (SaaS)
             Lynn University (SaaS)

Upgrading to 25Live® gives schools an all-in-one solution that makes event scheduling, resources management, and campus-wide calendaring easier and more efficient.  25Live also includes e-commerce features to manage event registration, ticket and merchandise sales, and event accounting online. CollegeNET technology assures schools the highest level of security and maintenance-free service.

Learn more about CollegeNET Scheduling, Calendaring, and Events Management systems.

Monday, July 7, 2014

More Schools are Moving to CollegeNET Series25

·  Mills College (SaaS)                                        ·  University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
·  Central Arizona College (SaaS)                        ·  Eastern Mennonite University (SaaS)
·  Pellissippi State Technical CC (SaaS)               ·  Pontifica Universidad Javeriana (SaaS)
·  New Jersey Institute of Technology (SaaS)        ·  University of Pittsburgh (SaaS)
·  Virginia Tech                                                   ·  Massachusetts Maritime Academy (SaaS)
·  University of Virginia (SaaS)
Only Series25 Gives You All This, and More:

    - SaaS and local deployment options (with no outsourcing to third-party providers)
    - Complete academic and event scheduling, including management of resources and event details
    - Bi-directional integration to all student information systems
    - Master calendaring
    - Native event registration and payment processing

  More about
Series25®  here.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Latest Schools to Go Live with Admit from CollegeNET

Brown University Grad School
Princeton University Grad School
Pratt Institute Graduate School
University of Oklahoma Grad School
Stanford Graduate School
Clemson University Graduate School
Cornell University Graduate School
                        Emory University Grad School
                        University of Kansas Grad School
                        University of Tennessee Grad
                        Georgia Tech Grad School
                        Kansas State Grad School
                        Oklahoma State Grad School
                        University of Lethbridge

These institutions have chosen CollegeNET’s centralized electronic application review and decision system to improve efficiency, reduce administrative time and paper consumption, and improve the admissions experience for applicants and administrators.  CollegeNET’s  Intelligent Connections® application processing, evaluation, and CRM systems work together to maximize yield and retention, enabling schools to successfully target prospects, communicate effectively with applicants throughout the admissions and decision process, and stay connected to students and alumni following admissions.

Get more information about CollegeNET Online Admissions Systems Here

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Growing Trend in Higher Ed: Web-based Recruitment and Admissions Processing Systems

More schools are discovering that a centralized, electronic admissions system is by far the most effective way to improve efficiency, reduce administrative time and paper consumption, maximize yield and retention, and improve the application experience for prospective students.  CollegeNET’s Intelligent Connections® recruiting and communication, admission application processing, and online evaluation systems enable schools to successfully target and stay connected with their prospects, from first contact through matriculation.   
Get more information about CollegeNET Online Admissions Systems here.

Schools that have recently licensed Intelligent Connections admissions systems from CollegeNET

·  Cornell University Grad School
·  Concord University
·  Clemson University
·  Western Washington University Grad
·  Tulane University Biomedical
·  University of Vermont
·  Stanford Graduate
·  Yale University Medical School
·  University of Washington, School of Pharmacy
·  Millersville Grad School
·  Florida A&M School of Grad Studies
·  OSU, John Glenn School of Government
·  Emory University 
·  Miami University of Ohio
·  Gonzaga University Grad 
·  Rockland Community College
·  Manhattan College