Thursday, March 21, 2019

Wichita State University is Named a 2019 Social Mobility Innovator

Located in south-central Kansas, Wichita State was selected as a CollegeNET Social Mobility Innovator for 2019 because of its multi-year and institution-wide commitment to recruiting and retaining students from under-served and under-represented populations. Over the past five years, Wichita State has consistently ranked among the top 3-6 percent of all schools on the Social Mobility Index (SMI). 
“Beyond our recruitment efforts locally, we’re intensifying our outreach in an effort to attract an even more diverse group of students to Wichita State,” says Richard Muma, Provost and Chief Academic Officer at the school. “But encouraging out-of-state enrollment will also enhance the future prosperity of Kansas by bringing talented young people to our campus who will, hopefully, stay in Wichita after graduation and work in our local economy.”

CollegeNET acknowledges schools -- such as Wichita State -- that are fostering social mobility through innovative programs. CollegeNET presents the annual Social Mobility Innovator Awards to student success leaders from U.S. colleges and universities at the Social Mobility Summit -- an annual forum on economic inclusion and best practices for student success held in Portland, Oregon each summer. CollegeNET recently published an e-book that offers best practices from student success professionals who are pioneering innovative programs that support under-served and under-represented students’ academic, personal and financial needs.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

12 Historically Black Colleges and Universities Are Named 2019 Social Mobility Innovators

CollegeNET has named 12 Historically Black Colleges and Universities Social Mobility Innovators for 2019.

The Social Mobility Index (SMI) ranks nearly 1,400 four-year U.S. colleges and universities according to how successfully they enroll students from low-income backgrounds and graduate them into promising careers. The goal of the SMI -- now in its fifth year -- is to help redirect the attribution of "prestige" in the higher education system toward colleges and universities that are advancing economic mobility, the most pressing civic issue of our time.
The 12 HBCUs named Social Mobility Innovators for 2019 all rank among the top 10 percent of schools on the SMI. The schools are:

“Most higher education rankings evaluate colleges and universities as if comparing brands for consumer purchase,” says Jim Wolfston, CEO of CollegeNET. “The SMI, on the other hand, helps policymakers, students and their families see which colleges and universities are doing the most to drive U.S. economic mobility. We hope the SMI encourages more institutions to embrace and expand their role as conduits for restoring the promise of the American Dream. The first step in doing this is to identify and learn from colleges and universities like these 12 HBCUs.”
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