Friday, September 5, 2014

University of Wyoming Migrates Scheduling to 25Live SaaS; User Numbers Surge

University of Wyoming recently migrated their Series25 scheduling operations to CollegeNET  SaaS.  In the process, they picked up some new riders:  Athletics, University Movers, and the Stage Tech department, achieving a six-fold increase in the number of users in the system.  Bringing Athletics on was a major improvement, replacing an outdated Outlook-and-Paper scheduling system.  Athletics particularly likes the native invoicing capability of 25Live®, something the prior system did not provide.

Wyoming’s move to SaaS was executed in a blisteringly fast two weeks and, according to Crystal Bennett, Central Scheduling Manager at Wyoming, has resulted in more streamlined scheduling operations overall.  Technical support now flows directly from CollegeNET, instead of through their over taxed IT department.  Prior to the migration, the IT backlog had kept the scheduling system lagging four versions behind.  Moving to SaaS gave the school an immediate upgrade to the latest version of 25Live.

Learn more about how 25Live SaaS can improve scheduling operations and help alleviate IT overhead on your campus here.