Tuesday, December 9, 2014

At Radford, Application Submission, Review and Decision Can Happen in Less than a Day

Radford University is now using the Admit online evaluation and decision system to process its graduate applications, and has reported that the new, paperless system has greatly improved efficiency, transparency and communication.

According to Rebecca Conner, Director of Graduate Enrollment for Radford University, “the flexible and user friendly design has been well received by graduate faculty and certainly facilitated the abandonment of an all-paper evaluation process without reservation.  Using this product has allowed Graduate Admissions to process applications and admission decisions more efficiently, which in turn allows our applicants to be notified much more quickly of an admission decision.”

For one applicant in particular, her application was submitted, processed, reviewed, and completed with a final admission decision within a matter of hours – less than a single business day. 

Learn more about how Admit can improve your admissions process here.