Thursday, August 28, 2014

University of Oregon’s White Stag Building Transitions to 25Live: Easiest Software Migration in 17 years!

Doug Burzell, Information Technology Consultant at the University of Oregon, provides desktop support to students, faculty, and staff at the White Stag Building (WSB) in Portland, Oregon.  Doug recently completed the task of migrating existing R25 users over to 25Live, CollegeNET’s web-based scheduling interface.  In his words, it was the easiest software migration he’s managed in his 17 years as a technology consultant.  Doug spent about 1hr/user to train two of his users, and these two went on to train the remaining users.  In addition, Doug’s regular calls to the main campus for additional support for R25 have all but been eliminated, down from 1/month to almost zero since adopting 25Live.

To learn more about how easy moving to 25Live can be, and how the transition will improve your daily operations, please click

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Latest Schools to License International Credential Attachment Services

           Georgia Tech                                               California Institute of Technology
           Radford University                                       University of Oklahoma
           Virginia Tech                                               Idaho State University
           University of Houston                                   Fashion Institute of Technology

CollegeNET’s Credential Attachment Service streamlines the admissions process for Chinese applicants by allowing students, as they are applying, to electronically request independent, automatic delivery and attachment of reliable, correct copies of their academic transcripts and supporting documents verified by the China Ministry of Education.  The Credential Attachment Service is part of CollegeNET's IntelligentConnections® suite of SaaS admissions tools. 

Students Give High Marks to Scholarship Provider

“Dear CollegeNET, thank you for existing and doing what you do! It's truly a good set up to help translate hard work, exchange of ideas and a team spirit into happy students with degrees.” – Stephanie, University of Hawaii at Manoa

“CollegeNET has been great! I love being able to discuss anything with other people, and I only have to go on the forums that really interest me, which is different from a lot of other online scholarships where there is only one topic and we must write on that topic. It is nice that it doesn't matter what your GPA is, what extra-curriculars you do, or how well you answer the essay question based on judging standards. It only matters that you are honest, state your opinion as you see it, and are voted based on your peers' standards.” – Dessa, from Western Washington University

“Besides the financial rewards, I am excited by the curious intelligent people who have great thought-provoking ideas. These ideas add to my bank of knowledge such that I am learning and growing in my understanding of key issues. This is what makes unique and a gem in the pool of scholarship engines.” – Esther, University of Virginia awards scholarships to currently enrolled students as well as recent graduates who are paying off student load debt. Weekly scholarships are awarded based on a peer voting systems and points earned for participation in student forums.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

CollegeNET Debuts New Video Interview Technology and Mobile Evaluation Software to capacity crowd at Annual User Conference

Office Tour
A record-breaking 543 attendees gathered in Portland, Oregon, in July for the annual CollegeNET User Conference.  Higher Ed administrators and staff from 230 schools across the country attended three days of workshops and seminars presented by CollegeNET employees and customers.  Demonstrations of new mobile-accessible admissions and event management technology were among the variety of seminars and workshops offered; and customer presentations gave attendees an opportunity to learn from the experiences of colleagues and get helpful advice.  Each year, in addition to the stimulating sessions, CollegeNET treats conference goers to the sights and culture of the beautiful Pacific Northwest with a variety of tours, activities and local entertainment.
Feedback from attendees included:

“This was by far the best conference I have ever attended. Thanks again for all of the hospitality. ”

”Thank you and all of the CollegeNET staff for putting on another great conference. All the sessions that I attended were so helpful, and they all had several very good takeaway notes. It was gratifying to meet the training and technical support staff in person, and to feel that everyone is glad to help.”

The next CollegeNET User Conference is scheduled for July 12-15, 2015. Registration opens in March at: