Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Growing Trend in Higher Ed: Web-based Recruitment and Admissions Processing Systems

More schools are discovering that a centralized, electronic admissions system is by far the most effective way to improve efficiency, reduce administrative time and paper consumption, maximize yield and retention, and improve the application experience for prospective students.  CollegeNET’s Intelligent Connections® recruiting and communication, admission application processing, and online evaluation systems enable schools to successfully target and stay connected with their prospects, from first contact through matriculation.   
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Schools that have recently licensed Intelligent Connections admissions systems from CollegeNET

·  Cornell University Grad School
·  Concord University
·  Clemson University
·  Western Washington University Grad
·  Tulane University Biomedical
·  University of Vermont
·  Stanford Graduate
·  Yale University Medical School
·  University of Washington, School of Pharmacy
·  Millersville Grad School
·  Florida A&M School of Grad Studies
·  OSU, John Glenn School of Government
·  Emory University 
·  Miami University of Ohio
·  Gonzaga University Grad 
·  Rockland Community College
·  Manhattan College

Schools Continue to Migrate to Series25 SaaS for Maintenance-Free, Secure Service

Web-based scheduling and calendar publishing technology is increasingly popular among colleges and universities.  CollegeNET’s Series25® scheduling, event management and calendaring system is the only product that offers an all-in-one, fully web-enabled solution for institution-wide scheduling and calendar publishing.  It’s the most effective way to reduce administrative time and costs and improve resource management.

CollegeNET Customers Recently Migrated to Series25 SaaS: 

        University of Pittsburgh                         University of Louisville                    
        University of Wyoming                          Lesley University
        CSU Fullerton                                        CSU Monterey Bay
        Midlands Technical College 
University of Saint Francis            
        North Carolina A&T                               

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Missouri State Saves Thousands of Dollars in Energy Costs with the Help of 25Live Scheduling

When Missouri State decided to look for ways to economize on energy consumption across campus, they used CollegeNET's 25Live® scheduling software to reveal scheduling options that allowed them to shut down HVAC service in large blocks of rooms not in use. According to Krista Bassen, Facilities Analyst at Missouri State University,  "25Live made it easy for us to identify more energy efficient ways to schedule classrooms during summer.  With the information it gave us, we were able to optimize the room scheduling for an entire building, in addition to several whole floors of classrooms in other buildings. The energy savings during the Summer semester of 2013 was $15,939 -- equivalent to the combined electricity consumption in 22 homes, for a full year."

Learn about the many ways the 25Live® course and event scheduling system can save your institution time and money here.

University of Tennessee’s NAGAP Presentation Draws Interested Crowd

Greg Tipps, Associate Director of Graduate Admissions at University of Tennessee, had trouble finishing his presentation on Admit, the new admissions application evaluation system, at NAGAP last month--- but that was a good thing!  Greg reports that the enthusiastic audience was too excited to wait until the end of the presentation to ask questions.  Attendees were particularly excited about the self-service and quick change capabilities Admit offers users.  According to Greg, anything that helps departments avoid IT’s queue is pretty compelling for people.  Admit offers a lot of autonomy to end users to manage configuration and customization.  Greg got his presentation done, but says he had to rush the final slides a bit! 

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