Wednesday, March 10, 2021

"No Other Product Offers This!” -- University of Utah Students Get Career-Ready with StandOut Video Interviewing Practice

Recognizing that strong video interviewing skills are becoming essential for students preparing to enter the job market, Stan Inman, Director of the Career & Professional Development Center, at the University of Utah, began searching for a video-based system that would help the school meet that challenge.

Career coaches at The U envisioned a self-service tool that would enable students to practice and review on their own time. But they also hoped to find a practice platform that would allow students to share their videos with them – as well as with mentors, parents, and peers – to review and give feedback.

StandOut was chosen and implemented at the Career & Professional Development Center and quickly became popular among students, who can now practice, record, and review interviews on their own time; and among career coaches, who appreciate having a robust platform to enhance their coaching services. 

 “The ability to create a database of questions organized according to specific disciplines and careers is extremely beneficial,” says Mr. Inman. “We were impressed with the overall quality of the product, but particularly the AI language scoring technology. No other product offers this! CollegeNET’s stability in the higher ed market was also a big selling point. We know we can count on the company to provide continued upgrades and enhancements.” 

StandOut Video Interviewing Benefits:

  • Self-guided practice and re-recording 
  • Feedback from mentors, instructors and peers 
  • Speaking skills scored via AI and cognitive computing 
  • Unlimited customizable questions 
  • Scalability and adaptability to classroom settings 
  • Boosts confidence and speaking skills 
  • Ideal for English-as-a-second-language students 
  • Develops critical interviewing skills in the age of social distancing

Read the full University of Utah success story here:

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