Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Boston University Streamlines Financial Aid Process Using Online Application Evaluation System

At Boston University School of Social Work, the Admit application review system has been working well for paperless evaluations.  And now the school has integrated its financial aid workflow into the application review process by configuring Admit to automatically identify students requesting or qualifying for financial aid, grants or scholarships.  Admit then allows the School of Social Work to send financial aid letters along with decision letters, eliminating a redundant administrative step, and providing applicants more timely information.  This creative implementation of Admit also improves efficiency by storing financial aid history for each applicant.

Find out more about the Admit application evaluation system here

Georgetown University Dean of Admissions Comments on CollegeNET's Online Admissions System

"We've had our best early action season ever, thanks to CollegeNET's online application system. The system has vastly improved efficiency while allowing us control over the format and content of our application. We believe the information we're able to gather gives us a more holistic view of the individual applicant and helps us identify the candidates who are a best-fit for Georgetown. Most of all, the CollegeNET system has  given us control over our own process, the importance of which cannot be emphasized enough in this college admissions cycle so beset by problems beyond the control of the individual college"  -- Charles Deacon, Dean of Admissions, Georgetown University

Learn more about CollegeNET's SaaS admissions services here