Monday, August 25, 2014

Students Give High Marks to Scholarship Provider

“Dear CollegeNET, thank you for existing and doing what you do! It's truly a good set up to help translate hard work, exchange of ideas and a team spirit into happy students with degrees.” – Stephanie, University of Hawaii at Manoa

“CollegeNET has been great! I love being able to discuss anything with other people, and I only have to go on the forums that really interest me, which is different from a lot of other online scholarships where there is only one topic and we must write on that topic. It is nice that it doesn't matter what your GPA is, what extra-curriculars you do, or how well you answer the essay question based on judging standards. It only matters that you are honest, state your opinion as you see it, and are voted based on your peers' standards.” – Dessa, from Western Washington University

“Besides the financial rewards, I am excited by the curious intelligent people who have great thought-provoking ideas. These ideas add to my bank of knowledge such that I am learning and growing in my understanding of key issues. This is what makes unique and a gem in the pool of scholarship engines.” – Esther, University of Virginia awards scholarships to currently enrolled students as well as recent graduates who are paying off student load debt. Weekly scholarships are awarded based on a peer voting systems and points earned for participation in student forums.