Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Latest Technology for Higher Ed Revealed at CollegeNET User Conference

Nearly 500 college administrators and staff from across the country gathered in Portland for CollegeNET’s annual User Conference in July. Customers attended three days of workshops and seminars and enjoyed a variety of receptions, food and entertainment.  Demonstrations of CollegeNET’s new surveys and self-assessment technology, and new video interview and career placement services were among the variety of seminars and workshops offered. Customer presentations gave attendees an opportunity to learn from the experiences of colleagues and get helpful advice.  Each year, in addition to the informative sessions, CollegeNET treats conference goers to the sights and culture of the beautiful Pacific Northwest with a variety of tours, activities and local entertainment.

Comments from this year’s attendees included:

“Love the conference every year!”

“Great food, great networking opportunities, good information and availability of staff support and connecting with the people behind the scenes.”

“Very thoughtful and generous events. Enjoyed the hospitality.”

“CollegeNET staff is absolutely amazing. As a first timer I thoroughly enjoyed all of the session interactions with them, as well as the fun out of session times with staff. I truly appreciated their excitement and enthusiasm.”

Mark your calendar!  The next CollegeNET User Conference is July 17-20, 2016.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

University of Iowa Athletics Department Boosts Results with Online Surveys

University of Iowa Athletics Department replaced their paper survey process with the What.Do.You.Think? online evaluation and survey system from CollegeNET. The new system not only eliminated paper consumption, it also yielded more useful data and faster analysis. Using What.Do.You.Think? gives the University customizable online forms they can use for any data gathering purpose.

According to UI Associate Athletics Director Fred Mims, “Using CollegeNET to offer an online version of our student-athlete year-end survey provided several benefits: Our student-athletes had the flexibility to access and complete the survey at a time convenient to them. Their anonymity was protected, giving them the freedom to be as candid as possible. We were able to immediately compile and assess results for timely review.”

Before piloting the online surveys with the Athtletics Department, University of Iowa began using What.Do.You.Think? campus wide last year for term course evaluations.  According to Annette Beck, Director of Enterprise Instructional Technology and Evaluation & Exam Service, “What.Do.You.Think? surveys and reporting features allow us to archive data and see trends over several years, so we can help faculty see where they’re doing well and where they need guidance. We couldn’t do this kind of analysis with our old system.”

Learn how What.Do.You.Think? can improve data gathering and analysis at your school here

Monday, August 3, 2015

University of Michigan Medical School Streamlines Online Admissions Process Using New AMCAS Import from CollegeNET

University of Michigan Medical School's online application system now seamlessly integrates with the Admit application evaluation system, providing one streamlined admissions process, from submission through evaluation and decision. The University worked with CollegeNET on new technology that automatically imports AMCAS application data directly into Admit.

Combined with this new AMCAS integration, CollegeNET’s ability to collect supplemental forms ensures that all application data is captured in a single system.  According to Sandra Davis, Business Analyst at University of Michigan, “Admit’s flexible permissions settings and high degree of configurability allow administrators to control access to specific data elements and customize the presentation of applicant information based on each individual evaluator’s need.”  The end result is that all evaluators can efficiently review just the applicant data they need to see while still recording their comments and scores in one centralized location for easy comparison.

Thanks to Admit Reader mobile compatibility, authorized staff can also review and score applications on their smart phones and tablets—anywhere, anytime.

Contact Sales to learn how Admit/AMCAS integration can streamline admissions for your medical school.