Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Latest Schools to Go Live with Series25 from CollegeNET

        Hamline University (SaaS)                                 SUNY at Old Westbury (SaaS)
        Ithaca College (SaaS)                                        Elmira College (SaaS)
        Chemeketa CC (SaaS)                                        Princeton University
        Colorado Mesa University                                  University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
        CSU Fullerton (SaaS)                                         CSU Monterey Bay (SaaS)                            
        Utah Valley University                                            

Series25® from CollegeNET provides advanced course and event scheduling, calendar publishing and analytics tools.  Series25 is available as a SaaS or on premises solution, only from CollegeNET. 

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Latest Schools to Upgrade to 25Live:

    San Francisco State Univeristy (SaaS)    
    Colorado Mountain College (SaaS)
    Davidson County CC
    University of Louisville (SaaS)
    Georgia State University 
    CSU Fullerton (SaaS)
    University of Virginia
    CSU Monterey Bay (SaaS)
             University of No Colorado (SaaS)
             Midlands Technical College (SaaS)
             Mercer University (SaaS)
             University of Winnipeg
             Dutchess CC (SaaS)
             Creighton University (SaaS)
             Gavilan College (SaaS)
             Lynn University (SaaS)

Upgrading to 25Live® gives schools an all-in-one solution that makes event scheduling, resources management, and campus-wide calendaring easier and more efficient.  25Live also includes e-commerce features to manage event registration, ticket and merchandise sales, and event accounting online. CollegeNET technology assures schools the highest level of security and maintenance-free service.

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Monday, July 7, 2014

More Schools are Moving to CollegeNET Series25

·  Mills College (SaaS)                                        ·  University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
·  Central Arizona College (SaaS)                        ·  Eastern Mennonite University (SaaS)
·  Pellissippi State Technical CC (SaaS)               ·  Pontifica Universidad Javeriana (SaaS)
·  New Jersey Institute of Technology (SaaS)        ·  University of Pittsburgh (SaaS)
·  Virginia Tech                                                   ·  Massachusetts Maritime Academy (SaaS)
·  University of Virginia (SaaS)
Only Series25 Gives You All This, and More:

    - SaaS and local deployment options (with no outsourcing to third-party providers)
    - Complete academic and event scheduling, including management of resources and event details
    - Bi-directional integration to all student information systems
    - Master calendaring
    - Native event registration and payment processing

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Series25®  here.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Latest Schools to Go Live with Admit from CollegeNET

Brown University Grad School
Princeton University Grad School
Pratt Institute Graduate School
University of Oklahoma Grad School
Stanford Graduate School
Clemson University Graduate School
Cornell University Graduate School
                        Emory University Grad School
                        University of Kansas Grad School
                        University of Tennessee Grad
                        Georgia Tech Grad School
                        Kansas State Grad School
                        Oklahoma State Grad School
                        University of Lethbridge

These institutions have chosen CollegeNET’s centralized electronic application review and decision system to improve efficiency, reduce administrative time and paper consumption, and improve the admissions experience for applicants and administrators.  CollegeNET’s  Intelligent Connections® application processing, evaluation, and CRM systems work together to maximize yield and retention, enabling schools to successfully target prospects, communicate effectively with applicants throughout the admissions and decision process, and stay connected to students and alumni following admissions.

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