Monday, November 24, 2014

Montana Tech Ranks Number One on Social Mobility Index New Ranking Identifies Schools That Best Serve Low-Income Students

According to the Social Mobility Index (SMI), when it comes to providing opportunities for underserved students, the wealthiest schools are not necessarily doing the best job.  The SMI, a partnership of CollegeNET and PayScale, Inc., ranks US colleges and universities according to the number of lower-income students they help to enroll, graduate, and obtain well-paying jobs.

See where schools stand on the SMI at

The SMI ranks schools according to five variables:
Published tuition
Percentage of student body from families below the US median income
Graduation rate of low-income students
Reported salary after graduation for low-income students

According to Lydia Frank, Editorial Director at PayScale, “The SMI rankings clearly show that colleges and universities can be part of improving both economic opportunity and social stability in our country. “A school can most dramatically move itself upward in the SMI rankings by lowering its tuition or increasing its percentage of economically disadvantaged students – or both.” 

Read the SMI story in Campus Technology

The Latest Institutions to License Intelligent Connections Admissions Systems from CollegeNET

        ·  University of Pennsylvania Grad School           ·  North Alabama University
        ·  Cornell University Graduate School                  ·  University of Tennessee
        ·  Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies                        ·  Emory University
        ·  WAnet                                                               ·  Saint Paul School of Theology
        ·  Northwestern University Center for                   ·  Oklahoma State University
        Communication & Health                                     ·  Northern Arizona University
        ·  CSU Northridge Graduate Studies                    ·  Northeastern University

These institutions have chosen CollegeNET’s centralized electronic admissions and recruiting system to improve efficiency, reduce administrative time and paper consumption, and improve the application experience for students and prospects.  CollegeNET’s  Intelligent Connections® admission application processing, evaluation, and CRM systems also maximize yield and retention because they enable schools to more successfully target students and stay connected with them throughout the entire admissions and decision process.

Get more information about CollegeNET’s Intelligent Connections® Systems here

University of Washington: “Relieved, Impressed, and Thrilled!”

University of Washington Admissions recently concluded annual changes to its ApplyWeb® online application forms, hosted by CollegeNET.

Here’s what Paul Seegert, Director of Admissions at UW, had to say about the experience:

“REALLY great work!!! I know we threw a lot of changes at you with not a lot of time to implement. I'm relieved, impressed, and thrilled all at once!”

The ApplyWeb admission application processing system is a SaaS service hosted by CollegeNET, which makes it easy for schools to keep their application forms complete and up to date.

Learn more about how CollegeNET can meet your institution’s exacting application requirements here

Saginaw Valley State University Loves 25Live and SaaS!

On a recent tour through the Great Lakes area, CollegeNET VP of Client Relations, James VanArsdel, stopped in on the good folks at Saginaw Valley State University in University Center, Michigan to make sure things were going well. He is happy to report that the SVSU crew 'loves 25live!' and that their move to SaaS has resulted in improved performance overall.

According to Kristen Willert, Associate Director for The Conference Center at SVSU, they use 25Live for all scheduling functions. Additionally, they have several key expansion projects in the works, including implementing native 25Live pricing and developing integration with CaterTrax, Sprocket and OrgSync. They are also developing a wayfinding system with directional kiosks deployed around campus that will help folks navigate to campus spaces managed within 25Live.

Learn more about how 25Live can streamline your institution's enterprise scheduling operations here

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

25Live API Restores Mad Love, Prevents Rioting at Loyola Law School!

Corinne St. Claire, Assistant Director of Instructional Design and Technology at Loyola Law School, was faced with a dilemma: Deliver a “grid” view for 25Live or face certain mutiny from users! Fortunately for her, 25Live’s robust API allowed her team to easily build the desired grid. In her words:

“I wanted to let you know that the API is great! As you know, one of our concerns was a lack of a “grid” view in 25Live, something R25 had and our users fell madly in love with. Thanks to your API, we were able to design our own “grid,” powered by 25Live, that will prevent rioting on our campus.:) So, thank you for having an API that is easy to work with!” 

Learn more about 25Live here.