Thursday, July 27, 2017

CollegeNET Hosts the 2017 User Conference, Celebrating Innovation Through Emergence

The annual CollegeNET User Conference took place this July in Portland, Oregon, with 500 attendees from higher education institutions around the country. The three-day conference offered a variety of demonstrations, workshops, and seminars presented by CollegeNET employees and customers. Attendees saw the latest products and features in action, received hands-on training from CollegeNET developers, and heard helpful advice and inspiring case studies presented by colleagues. Each year, CollegeNET also treats attendees to the sights and culture of the beautiful Pacific Northwest with a variety of tours, activities and local entertainment.

“The CollegeNET user conference was an invaluable opportunity,” says Anne Carlineo, Scheduling Coordinator at Ithaca College. “Every interaction with the CollegeNET staff was beyond my expectations. I could tell immediately I was valued as a user, and the CollegeNET staff is deeply invested in the work they do.”

The next CollegeNET User Conference is scheduled for July 8-11, 2018. Registration opens in February at:

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Providence College Sees ‘Night and Day’ Improvement using LYNX SIS Interface

When Gina DeBernardo, Assistant Dean of Enrollment Services at Providence College, saw the announcement that CollegeNET had created the LYNX interface for Banner, she was quick to schedule a webinar for herself and members of the school’s IT department. The team was thrilled by the interface’s speed and simplicity, and they immediately signed up to try it within their own 25Live® setup. 

“We had a winter session coming up that had very few courses, so I used that to play around with LYNX,” says DeBernardo. “I loaded everything up in test, and it was just so simple. I mean, really, really simple. You know when something is so easy, you think you must be doing it wrong? That’s exactly how I felt.” 

After confirming with IT that everything had worked as expected, DeBernardo was able to move LYNX straight into production, importing the spring semester’s much larger set of courses. 

“I’m used to sitting and importing all the 1000-1500 spring courses over about three hours,” says DeBernardo. “With LYNX, I was done in less than five minutes. I was completely floored. You just select a semester, push it through, and poof—it’s done! It’s truly night and day.” 

DeBernardo also discovered how quickly and easily LYNX error reporting identifies any course that fails to upload properly. Just like LYNX data importing, this previously challenging task now takes mere minutes to complete.

“My time is now completely my own, and it’s a huge weight off my shoulders," says DeBernardo. "I can’t say it enough: it’s like night and day. For any data transfer task, it’s a matter of minutes now instead of hours.”

Learn more about 25Live Class and Event Scheduling System with LYNX SIS Interface here.