Thursday, August 28, 2014

University of Oregon’s White Stag Building Transitions to 25Live: Easiest Software Migration in 17 years!

Doug Burzell, Information Technology Consultant at the University of Oregon, provides desktop support to students, faculty, and staff at the White Stag Building (WSB) in Portland, Oregon.  Doug recently completed the task of migrating existing R25 users over to 25Live, CollegeNET’s web-based scheduling interface.  In his words, it was the easiest software migration he’s managed in his 17 years as a technology consultant.  Doug spent about 1hr/user to train two of his users, and these two went on to train the remaining users.  In addition, Doug’s regular calls to the main campus for additional support for R25 have all but been eliminated, down from 1/month to almost zero since adopting 25Live.

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