Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Growing Trend in Higher Ed: Web-based Recruitment and Admissions Processing Systems

More schools are discovering that a centralized, electronic admissions system is by far the most effective way to improve efficiency, reduce administrative time and paper consumption, maximize yield and retention, and improve the application experience for prospective students.  CollegeNET’s Intelligent Connections® recruiting and communication, admission application processing, and online evaluation systems enable schools to successfully target and stay connected with their prospects, from first contact through matriculation.   
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Schools that have recently licensed Intelligent Connections admissions systems from CollegeNET

·  Cornell University Grad School
·  Concord University
·  Clemson University
·  Western Washington University Grad
·  Tulane University Biomedical
·  University of Vermont
·  Stanford Graduate
·  Yale University Medical School
·  University of Washington, School of Pharmacy
·  Millersville Grad School
·  Florida A&M School of Grad Studies
·  OSU, John Glenn School of Government
·  Emory University 
·  Miami University of Ohio
·  Gonzaga University Grad 
·  Rockland Community College
·  Manhattan College