Wednesday, April 8, 2020

COVID-19 Response Update: LYNX Patch to Streamline Course Schedule Changes

To help streamline the course scheduling changes that may be necessary to keep your staff, students, and attendees safe during the COVID-19 crisis, CollegeNET is adding options to the Series LYNX Interface to make creating date exceptions easier and more efficient. The patches are being released as soon as they are ready and include the following improvements:
  • Using the “Add New Date” option in Exclude exceptions will auto-fill the next date (following the previous date you entered), so you don’t have to choose the date again
  • The next date will also auto-fill when adding new Makeup and Conversion exceptions to make adding multiple dates in succession more efficient
  • You will be able to copy date exceptions to another extract set 

Customer service is our priority, especially during emergencies. If you have questions, suggestions, or tips to share on how we can help you better cope during this difficult time, please contact Technical Support ( or your Account Manager (

Thank you for your continued use of the LYNX Interface and all Series25 tools. Stay safe and well!