Wednesday, November 4, 2020

CollegeNET Continues to Help Schools Power Through the Covid Crisis

We're excited to be providing more customers the technology they need to overcome these challenging times.

Here's the latest customer feedback about CollegeNET's Covid-19 solutions:

"Even though we were all dealing with job related restrictions due to covid-19 and social distancing, not a single bit of the customer service experience had been lost while working together remotely. We fully attribute this to the excellent team at CollegeNET."
       -- Brian Popa, Technical Systems Director, Eastern Kentucky University

"This is superb! I am sending out my results to some of the areas that have been asking for data to get some feedback. To me this is pretty magical and finally gives us an idea of building traffic I am beyond excited. Thank you!!!"
        -- Lynn Chin, Assistant Registrar, Stony Brook University

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