Saturday, August 20, 2016

Students Earn Scholarships totaling $2 Million for Participating in Online Discussions, the online forum that awards weekly scholarships based on students’ participation, has now given more than $2 million towards college tuition and loan repayment. 

Students searching for scholarship opportunities soon discover additional benefits this online student community offers. According to one scholarship winner: 
“I don't see how a scholarship could get any better: I'm given the opportunity to discuss things with people from all over while potentially getting some of my college tuition paid off!! How much cooler does it get?!  
I also must say, with complete honesty, that CollegeNET has really opened my eyes to different people's opinions about things. I'm from a small farming town where almost everyone's views are the same. It's like a whole new world on here! There's so many viewpoints I never even knew existed!"
Established in 2007 as the first truly democratic scholarship process, allows students to earn points for creating and contributing to discussions, and vote for the forums they consider most interesting. Five scholarships are awarded each week to the participants who have accumulated the greatest number of combined points and votes. 

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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

North Idaho College Moves to SaaS Scheduling System -- Improves Efficiency and Campus Security, Reduces Energy Use, and Saves Money

North Idaho College recently migrated its 25Live course and event scheduling a hosted (SaaS) system. The school reports that the SaaS service keeps them current with the latest 25Live version and saves them money.

According to Tammy Robertson, Senior Systems Analyst/Programmer at North Idaho:
“Before, when we were maintaining the system on our campus servers, we didn’t have administrative time to stay current with upgrades. Now that we’ve moved to SaaS, we’re always current with the latest version, and we’re saving so much administrative time that the hosted system actually costs us less.”
25Live SaaS has improved North Idaho’s institutional optimization, maintenance efficiency and security. Now, executive leaders can identify scheduling inefficiencies and make improvements. They can identify which rooms are sitting empty, for example, and adjust HVAC scheduling to reduce energy consumption and save money.
“The system is very intuitive and user friendly,” Tammy reports. “We can have as many users as we want. Service providers and facilities staff can get reports for HVAC and check for maintenance needs. Security can run reports and see which rooms are occupied at any specific time.  It helps all departments do their jobs and improves security for students.”
Read more about CollegeNET's SaaS scheduling systems here.