Thursday, October 2, 2014

At George Mason, Departments Give a Big Thumbs-Up to Centralized Calendaring

Upgrading  to 25Live Publisher for academic and events scheduling has transformed George Mason University’s previously decentralized calendaring system.  Now, each department and university administrators can see what’s happening in all 200 of the school’s major venues on one central calendar.

According to Marylou Holly, Associate Registrar for Scheduling and Communication at George Mason, “We reviewed multiple scheduling systems, and CollegeNET’s 25Live offered the best solution for integration of academic and event scheduling into a centralized calendar publishing system.”

Flexibility is Key Benefit

Marylou says “Departments are thrilled with the new system because they have so many customizing options to give their calendars their own look.  And they know they can rely on finding all campus events in one place.  All the problems we used to have with double bookings, moving classes -- having to check and update multiple calendars whenever there was a schedule change – are gone now.”

Learn more about how 25Live can streamline your academic and events scheduling and calendar publishing here.