Monday, September 15, 2014

Series25 Scheduling Aids Campus Security at UT San Antonio

Campus police at University of Texas, San Antonio rely on CollegeNET Series25 reports to verify approved events and plan their room lock/unlock schedule.  Since campus event organizers are required to reserve centrally managed space through Series25, the system provides an accurate and complete schedule of all authorized campus events in these areas. 

According to Laura Rivas, Assistant Director of Events Management & Conference Services, the process has made such an improvement in security protocol efficiency that the campus police department is lobbying to have all university spaces managed through the Series25 system.  They’ve had some success recruiting participation from a couple of previously decentralized scheduling units:  after several years of either managing on their own or having the events office intake requests for them, Campus Recreation and the Convocation Center are now independently using Series25 for their facility scheduling.  Centralized management of all scheduling activities through Series25 will streamline security processes and provide campus police complete visibility of campus activities, which can be crucial in emergency situations. 

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