Friday, September 27, 2013

Heard at University of La Verne

"I want you to know that your support staff is great. Sean in particular has been very helpful in getting a few issues resolved." -- Doug Waite, Associate Director, Campus Center, University of La Verne

Monday, September 23, 2013

Madison Area Technical College on 25Live

Emory Says Video Interviews Add Valuable Information to Decision Process

Emory University Laney Graduate School in Atlanta, Georgia, is now using the Admit Video Interview tool to screen applicants for in-person interviews.  This Web-based service from CollegeNET makes it possible for all applicants to be seen and heard, even when an in-person interview isn’t possible. Interviews can be recorded and reviewed anytime, without appointments or student travel.  Video Interview saves scheduling time and minimizes losses due to missed interview appointments.

“Video Interview gives us valuable information about applicants that can’t be captured in an application.  It’s especially useful for international students, who don’t have the option of in-person interviews.” -- Ulf Nilsson, Assistant Dean of Operations, Laney Graduate School, Emory University

Read Emory’s story here 

New Mobile Technology Makes Admissions Applications Readable on Any Tablet

Admissions offices using the new, tablet-ready version of the Admit application evaluation system now have the added convenience of accessing application forms on their tablets and mobile devices.  Admit Reader is the only mobile-enabled evaluation system with responsive design, allowing users to access applications on their desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device and maintain a consistent user experience across all platforms.

See the Admit Reader story in University Business 

Web-based Admissions Processing and Contact Management Systems Gaining Traction in Higher Ed

Interest in online admissions and recruiting systems is surging at many colleges and universities.  A centralized, electronic system is for many institutions the most effective way to improve efficiency, reduce administrative time and paper consumption, maximize yield and retention, and improve the application experience for prospective students.  CollegeNET’s Intelligent Connections® admission application processing, evaluation, and CRM systems enable schools to successfully target prospects and stay connected with them throughout the entire admissions and decision process.

Get more information about CollegeNET Online Admissions Systems Here

Schools that have recently licensed Intelligent Connections admissions systems from CollegeNET

·  St. Louis University
·  Kansas State University
·  Montana State University
·  Washington State University
·  Lincoln Christian University
·  Montana State University, Great Falls
·  Lehigh University
·  Tulane University Law School
·  Alliant University

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

CollegeNET User Conference Introduces Latest Scheduling and Admissions Technology to 450 Attendees

Attendance was at a 4-year high at the annual CollegeNET User Conference, held in Portland, Oregon in July. Schedulers and administrators from across the country attended three days of workshops and seminars presented by CollegeNET product developers and engineers. Customer presentations provided an opportunity for attendees to learn from the experiences of colleagues and get helpful advice. Each year, the CollegeNET User Conference treats attendees to the sights and culture of the beautiful, sunny Pacific Northwest with a variety of tours, activities and local entertainment. 

“Thanks for such a great conference. You and all of the others I’ve met at ColletgeNET really go out of you way to make sure their customers are treated very, very well.”  --  2013 User Conference attendee

Next year’s User Conference is scheduled for July 20, 2014.  Save the date!

Lane Community College Uses a Single Web-based System to Manage Event Scheduling, Resources and Automated Lighting

Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon, has had great success reducing energy use and costs by integrating their timed lighting system with their online scheduling system. Lane worked with its lighting vendor to integrate the school’s stadium and athletic field lighting with its 25Live® Web-based scheduling system. Lane’s event schedulers can now set timed lighting schedules, along with event space and equipment, all at one time and in one system. This saves labor, in addition to energy costs. And, in Lane’s case, it also helped boost revenue by allowing the school to host – and charge for – events for outside organizations.

“By building lighting scheduling into 25Live, we’ve eliminated double entry scheduling and increased energy efficiency without having to purchase new equipment.” 
-- Alen Bahret, IT Programmer/Analyst, Lane Community College

Read the full story here.

25Live is the all-in-one, fully web-enabled scheduling and event management system. More...

More and More Schools are Moving to Web-based Scheduling and Calendar Publishing Systems

There’s a rapidly growing trend toward Web-based scheduling and calendar publishing technology.  A centralized, electronic system is for many schools the most effective way to reduce administrative time and costs and improve resource management.  CollegeNET’s Series25® scheduling, event management, and calendaring system is a popular choice now because it’s the only product that offers an all-in-one, fully web-enabled solution for institution-wide scheduling and calendar publishing.

Schools that have recently licensed Series25 
·  Capital University
·  Earlham College - SaaS
·  Elmira College - SaaS
·  Framingham State University - SaaS
·  Liberty University
·  Michigan State University
·  Northern Essex Community College - SaaS
·  Northwest Florida State College
·  Prescott College
·  Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary - SaaS
·  Suffolk County Community College - SaaS
·  SUNY at Old Westbury - SaaS
·  Surry Community College - SaaS
·  Temple College
·  University of Maryland - SaaS

Series25 Differentiators:
  - SaaS and local deployment options (with no outsourcing to third-party providers)
  - Complete academic and event scheduling, including management of resources and event details
  - Bi-directional integration to all student information systems
  - Master calendaring
  - Native event registration and payment processing