Monday, November 24, 2014

The Latest Institutions to License Intelligent Connections Admissions Systems from CollegeNET

        ·  University of Pennsylvania Grad School           ·  North Alabama University
        ·  Cornell University Graduate School                  ·  University of Tennessee
        ·  Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies                        ·  Emory University
        ·  WAnet                                                               ·  Saint Paul School of Theology
        ·  Northwestern University Center for                   ·  Oklahoma State University
        Communication & Health                                     ·  Northern Arizona University
        ·  CSU Northridge Graduate Studies                    ·  Northeastern University

These institutions have chosen CollegeNET’s centralized electronic admissions and recruiting system to improve efficiency, reduce administrative time and paper consumption, and improve the application experience for students and prospects.  CollegeNET’s  Intelligent Connections® admission application processing, evaluation, and CRM systems also maximize yield and retention because they enable schools to more successfully target students and stay connected with them throughout the entire admissions and decision process.

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