Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Stories from the Road: Golf Carts!

Often when I’m visiting a campus I see golf carts in use … by the facilities folks, security, general transportation around campus.  Oh, and occasionally on an actual golf course that is a part of the school.

At Furman University in South Carolina golf carts are used to give tours by the admission staff, but with a twist.  The roof of each cart is actually a solar battery so the carts are powered by the sun!  New technology requires new habits, though, and soon after the carts arrived, they started running out of ‘gas’ while on tour.  It didn't take long to figure out that the cause was the garage--- no sun,  no power!

In order to keep the carts charged and ready to roll, the admissions staff are now keeping the carts right at the curb outside their building.  Way to go Paladins for going green!

--James VanArsdel, VP of Client Relations 
Note:  If you'd like to have James visit your campus to learn about your CollegeNET implementation, or explore campus in alternative forms of transportation, please let your account manager know!