Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Early Customer Reports Reveal HUGE Performance Improvements With New vCal Import Process

Here are just a handful of the comments we have received from customers who are using the recently refactored vCal Import process:

"REMARKABLE! I cleared a prior term from R25 in preparation for batch exporting it again.  As such, it had all its room assignments already in our PeopleSoft test system. What usually takes several hours did not. I started the batch export process at 12:27PM and it finished at 12:45PM (18 minutes) exporting 2,271 classes. Since I could not believe it, I cleared the term again (which took 56 minutes) and re-ran the batch export at night from home.  Again, it ran in 18 minutes, representing a 90%+ time reduction.  Bravo for allowing us to assign resources. Double Bravo for allowing event type changes."
-- Bob Caron, UMASS Boston

"I just ran a batch download for fall into test. 2043 sections loaded in about 17 minutes. It used to take 5 hours or more. Hurray! Thank you!"
-- Tammy Miller, University of Idaho

"I just had to share how great I think it is that the meeting pattern now appears as part of the reservation. This saves me a ton of time researching issues with placements in the Optimizer…
Nice enhancement to go along with the lightning fast transactional processing… You guys are AWESOME!"
-- Steve Reed, Ball State University

"These are the results of the 201508 Batch Export:
       Interface started on 2015-02-11 at 08:44:03:67
       Batch Download completed 09:11:22:654 Number of classes: 4359……………… 27 minutes!!!!
This is fantastic!"
-- Vandy Travelstead, Clemson University

"It is *ridiculously* fast. The old way took 5.5 hours; the new way took about 30 minutes."
-- Monika Schwartz, Duquesne University

If you have a vCal performance story you'd like to share with us, or have a suggestion for where we can make additional improvements, please let us hear from you.  CollegeNET is paying attention and working hard to provide you with the best possible user experience.  Let us know what matters to you so we can make it happen!