Friday, April 3, 2015

Colorado Mountain College: 13 Locations, 1 instance of 25Live SaaS!

Spread throughout 12,000 square miles of the Rocky Mountains, amidst Colorado’s famed skiing destinations, are the thirteen locations of Colorado Mountain College.  The college has been a Series25® customer since 2008, originally deploying the software as an on-premises solution.  However, given the logistical challenges of serving such a vastly decentralized college, CMC’s small, efficiency-minded IT shop smartly decided to move their 25Live® implementation to the native SaaS platform offered by CollegeNET. 

According to Felix Haeuptle, Application Programmer Analyst and Series25 Administrator at Colorado Mountain College, migrating to SaaS was a “non-event” and, of the many migrations he’s facilitated over his 16 years in IT, this was one of the smoother ones. 

And now that Colorado Mountain’s system is on the SaaS platform, it has freed Felix and his IT colleagues up to focus on other projects, including extending their 25Live and X25® implementations.  Felix’s only complaint:  “Wish we’d done it sooner!”

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