Wednesday, April 29, 2015

University of Kansas Graduate School Boosts Application Numbers and Diversity Efforts with Help from the Prospect Recruiting and Communications system from CollegeNET

Before the University of Kansas began using the Prospect Recruiting and Relationship Management system for Graduate admissions, each graduate program managed its own communications, allowing no process for centralized tracking of recruitment efforts. After integrating the Prospect system with the school’s Admit application evaluation system, the admissions office can now track the activity of each applicant, from initial inquiry through matriculation, and use automated communication tools to encourage prospects to complete their applications. Now, the school can prepopulate application forms with student data, including fee waiver codes, to facilitate the process.  KU Grad is also using the system’s robust reporting features to evaluate and improve diversity efforts and other recruiting practices. 

“Our professional campus, which piloted Prospect before it was rolled out to all graduate programs, has seen roughly a 16% increase in applications compared to this point in the cycle two years ago. The system definitely puts a friendly and more professional face on our communications, and it allows programs to evaluate each step of their recruitment efforts.”  – Amanda Ostreko, Director of Graduate Enrollment, University of Kansas

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