Monday, August 3, 2015

University of Michigan Medical School Streamlines Online Admissions Process Using New AMCAS Import from CollegeNET

University of Michigan Medical School's online application system now seamlessly integrates with the Admit application evaluation system, providing one streamlined admissions process, from submission through evaluation and decision. The University worked with CollegeNET on new technology that automatically imports AMCAS application data directly into Admit.

Combined with this new AMCAS integration, CollegeNET’s ability to collect supplemental forms ensures that all application data is captured in a single system.  According to Sandra Davis, Business Analyst at University of Michigan, “Admit’s flexible permissions settings and high degree of configurability allow administrators to control access to specific data elements and customize the presentation of applicant information based on each individual evaluator’s need.”  The end result is that all evaluators can efficiently review just the applicant data they need to see while still recording their comments and scores in one centralized location for easy comparison.

Thanks to Admit Reader mobile compatibility, authorized staff can also review and score applications on their smart phones and tablets—anywhere, anytime.

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