Wednesday, August 19, 2015

University of Iowa Athletics Department Boosts Results with Online Surveys

University of Iowa Athletics Department replaced their paper survey process with the What.Do.You.Think? online evaluation and survey system from CollegeNET. The new system not only eliminated paper consumption, it also yielded more useful data and faster analysis. Using What.Do.You.Think? gives the University customizable online forms they can use for any data gathering purpose.

According to UI Associate Athletics Director Fred Mims, “Using CollegeNET to offer an online version of our student-athlete year-end survey provided several benefits: Our student-athletes had the flexibility to access and complete the survey at a time convenient to them. Their anonymity was protected, giving them the freedom to be as candid as possible. We were able to immediately compile and assess results for timely review.”

Before piloting the online surveys with the Athtletics Department, University of Iowa began using What.Do.You.Think? campus wide last year for term course evaluations.  According to Annette Beck, Director of Enterprise Instructional Technology and Evaluation & Exam Service, “What.Do.You.Think? surveys and reporting features allow us to archive data and see trends over several years, so we can help faculty see where they’re doing well and where they need guidance. We couldn’t do this kind of analysis with our old system.”

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