Thursday, January 29, 2015

Take it to the Bridge: Emory Bridges the Teleconferences Gap with 25Live!

Long-time CollegeNET customer, Emory University, has come up with yet ANOTHER innovative use for the Series25® scheduling and event management software it licenses from CollegeNET:  They are now using the system to manage a pool of no-cost teleconference bridges available to the campus community.

According to Jennifer Stevenson, Lead Application Developer, and Series25 Administrator at Emory, the project spawned from the IT Services desk, where management of the growing volume of requests had become overwhelming.  The bridges are now available upon request to students, faculty, interns and medical staff--- anyone with Emory University and Emory Healthcare credentials.  Requests are processed by designated 'approvers' in 25Live, using native approval workflow. 

For an institution comprised of two higher education campuses and a leading healthcare provider, the eight no-cost bridges have become among the most popular 'spaces' requested in 25Live--- barely into its second year, the program managed over 1000 conference bridge requests in Q4 of 2014 alone, according to Jennifer.  She is now using 25Live reports to analyze bridge use patterns and determine whether additional bridges are needed.

If you have an interesting 25Live implementation story you'd like to share with the CollegeNET community, please contact your account manager.  We'd love to hear from you!