Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Stories from the Road: Ships, Not Boats!

Boats, well ships, and my maritime visits.  During 2014 I visited two of our clients with “Maritime” in their names:  California Maritime Academy and Massachusetts Maritime Academy.  Both campuses are, obviously, on the water, and both have large ocean going vessels [ships, not boats] berthed and ready for cadet training cruises.

But I also discovered that we have a third client with an affiliated maritime academy, Northwestern Michigan College and the Great Lakes Maritime Academy.  The GLMA is the only fresh water maritime academy in the US and also has a ship for training cruises on the Great Lakes, who knew!  What I found at all three locations is that 25Live is used, or will be used, to book all campus space … land or sea … now if I can find an aviation academy.

--James VanArsdel, VP of Client Relations and CollegeNET road warrior nonpareil!