Friday, March 21, 2014


Boise State University thinks CollegeNET’s What·Do·You·Think?® online questionnaire is more flexible and yields richer course evaluation data than 20 other systems! 

“There’s just no comparison between CollegeNET’s  system and our old evaluation process,” said Rob Anson, project manager for course evaluation and professor of Information Technology Management at Boise State University. “Now, we can look at aggregate data across multiple sections of courses, at the course level, department level, or across many courses that share some characteristics, such as honors courses.  We considered about 20 evaluation systems and only What·Do·You·Think? offered us the flexibility to ask different questions for different types of courses.”

Recent functional enhancements to What·Do·You·Think? include a customizable form building process that allows authorized users to build evaluations or surveys of any kind using a simple, step-by-step process directly within the application.  Additionally, What·Do·You·Think? is built using the latest responsive design technology, making surveys available anywhere and anytime to tablet and smartphone users with internet access.  

What·Do·You·Think? provides quick access to evaluation results, reduces the time and personnel needed for paper processing, and dramatically cuts paper use – which can save institutions thousands of dollars every year. The SaaS system is hosted by CollegeNET, which means there’s no software to install or maintain.   To learn more about What·Do·You·Think? can do for your institution, click here