Friday, September 25, 2020

CollegeNET Presents “Powering Through Covid Via Innovation” during the 2020 EDUCAUSE Annual Conference, Oct. 27-29

The Annual EDUCAUSE conference, "The Best Thinking in Higher Education IT," is being held online for the first time, October 27-29. During an era of unprecedented challenge, the EDUCAUSE conference brings together professionals and technology providers from around the world to search for solutions to the urgent issues facing higher education today.

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CollegeNET’s virtual booth, “Powering Through Covid Via Innovation,” will showcase patented video interviewing and scheduling technologies that boost efficiencies -- especially during times of social distancing. Learn how Series25® Scheduling and StandOut® Video Interviewing enable institutions to:

  • Stress-test “what-if” scenarios to optimize your campus distancing plans
  • Experiment and optimize room capacity adjustments in bulk
  • Create alternative schedules to minimize transition congestion
  • React to, update, and synchronize needed changes with the super-fast LYNX SIS interface
  • Offer interviews to all prospective students without the need to meet in person
  • Preserve the major benefits of in-person interviews through Dynamic Scripting™ 
  • Learn and apply best practices via our social distancing consulting services

Here’s what customers are saying about CollegeNET technology for social distancing:

Series25® Scheduling and Modeling Facilities for Social Distancing
“The Optimizer has been a phenomenal help. I’ve been able to run scenarios for leadership and am able to inform them on what will and won’t work. We never could have done that before!”
 – Michael Gable, The Ohio State University

StandOut® New Patented System for Safer, Scalable Admissions Interviewing
“The StandOut platform was incredibly helpful and easy to use. StandOut was a success and a great tool overall for the transfer students applying to Yale.” – Marisa Kogan, Yale University