Tuesday, June 9, 2020

COVID-19 Response: See What Schools are Saying

The CollegeNET experience goes beyond providing customers with software and tools for higher education. These unprecedented times have come with unprecedented problems, but our team is standing by to find innovative solutions to these unforeseen roadblocks. Here are just a handful of the comments we’ve received about CollegeNET’s support and customer service during the COVID-19 pandemic:

"Please pass on my thanks to everyone at Collegenet for the fantastic response you are having to COVID planning. It's been really impressive and I am grateful for how quickly your company is moving to address all the various concerns we all have. "
- Lynne Chin, Assistant Registrar for Scheduling & 25Live, Stony Brook University

“Yesterday afternoon, I communicated with our scheduling team and our supervisor, letting them know how AWESOME you guys have been during this time of uncertainty for all. We appreciate the fast speed you guys have put into providing solutions to all of your customers' scheduling needs.”
- Gelys Chacin, MALS, Sr. Classroom Planning & Scheduling Analyst Classroom Management, University of Miami

“CollegeNET has been very responsive to the unique school requests as we plan to return students to campus safely. We are very appreciative of the amazing work from our CollegeNET family.”
- Dacia Simpson, Director, Classroom Management Chair, Course Grid & Reducing Campus Density, University of Miami

“Thank you for all of your help and insight. I don't come from a technical background, and your assistance and CollegeNET's resources have made this process significantly easier than I could have imagined! I'm always blown aware with your team's responsiveness and care.”
- Jason Fowler, Coordinator for Departmental Event Advising, UMBC

"Just to pass along how (the overused word) awesome your company and teams within have been responding to left field inquiries and challenges as we all struggle with coming up with plausible solutions to the days unique and uncharted waters.”
- Michael K. Hooper, University of Arkansas

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