Friday, August 17, 2018

CollegeNET Hosts the 2018 User Conference: “Innovation at the Boundaries of Benefit”

The annual CollegeNET User Conference took place this July in Portland, Oregon, with close to 500 participants and attendees from higher education institutions around the country. The four-day conference offered 125 demonstrations, workshops, and seminars presented by CollegeNET employees and customers. Attendees saw the latest products and features in action, received hands-on training from CollegeNET developers, and heard helpful advice and inspiring case studies presented by colleagues. As in years past, CollegeNET also treated attendees to the sights and culture of the beautiful Pacific Northwest with a variety of tours, activities and local entertainment.

Comments from this year’s attendees included:

"The annual conference was, once again, glorious! Way to go!"

“The social events were very well thought out, put-together, and I greatly enjoyed and appreciated the experience! From a schedulers point of view, CollegeNET did a great job putting together these events!”

“This was the most meaningful and relevant conference I have been to this year. GREAT JOB!”

The next CollegeNET User Conference is scheduled for July 28-31, 2019. Registration opens in February at: