Wednesday, May 30, 2018

College Educators Share Insights and Best Practices for Supporting Social Mobility

CollegeNET invited student success leaders across the country to discuss higher education's role in narrowing the socio-economic gap in today's society. In this eBook collection of essays, higher education professionals who head innovative student success programs at their institutions discuss the challenges of identifying and supporting the needs of under-served students. And they share highlights of their innovative approaches to helping these students succeed in college, obtain four-year degrees, and to on to well-paying jobs.

The publication, Social Mobility through Higher Education, includes articles by Baruch College President Dr. Mitchel Wallerstein; UC Irvine Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning Dr. Michael Dennin; Winston-Salem State University Chancellor Dr. Elwood Robinson; and UC Santa Cruz Vice Provost for Student Success Dr. Jaye Padgett. The publication also includes a concluding essay by CollegeNET CEO Jim Wolfston.