Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Clemson Grows Application Completion Rate and Reduces Administrative Time with the Prospect Relationship Management and Recruiting System

Clemson University Graduate Admissions reports that it has significantly improved recruitment communication efficiency and effectiveness, thanks to Prospect, the online relationship management system from CollegeNET.

According to Kathleen Costello, Clemson’s Director of Graduate Admissions & Recruitment:
 “Prospect definitely helps us follow up on prospective students in a way we never could before. Now that communication is automated, we’re keeping closer contact with students and spending much less administrative time. Instead of one or two emails, each prospect now gets four or five over a few months, and the messages automatically change as the student’s status changes. We can even send out automated surveys to find out why a student hasn’t completed their application, and then follow up with the help they need.”
Learn more about Prospect Relationship Management and Recruiting, and other CollegeNET admissions systems here.