Thursday, May 12, 2016

2016 CollegeNET User Conference Line Up!

Below is a sampling of the engaging customer presentations that will be on tap at this year's conference.  Come hear how other institutions have creatively addressed their institutional challenges using CollegeNET products and services. We hope to see you here in July!


Clemson & KU - To Trigger or not to Trigger
Emory University - Expanding the Reach of Admissions Infrastructure
Kansas State University - Efficiently Managing & Processing Int'l Applications
U Michigan, Medical School - Integrating with AMCAS
University of Pennsylvania - iThenticate Plagiarism Detection Integration
Standford University - Why Admissions Offices Should Worry about FERPA


Lane Community College - 3rd Party Integrations using Webservices
Cal Poly State University - Implementation Dos and Don'ts
Montclair State University - OrgSync Integration with 25Live®
University of Maryland, BC - Digital Signage Implementation
Coastal Carolina University - Student Event Scheduling
Northwestern University - Basic Reports:  What to Expect
University of Pittsburgh - Scheduling Final Exams in Campus Solutions

The User Conference is July 17-20.  Register today!