Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Western Wyoming Community College Reports Major Improvements to their Events Scheduling Process

Western Wyoming Community College has been using CollegeNET’s 25Live® course and event scheduling system for about a year, and has significantly increased administrative efficiency as well as user satisfaction.

According to Britney Lewis, Welcome and Facility Scheduling Assistant at WWCC, “25Live enables users to directly input exactly what they need for their events, whether it’s a specific resource or a setup requirement. Now that they can easily communicate the details of their events, they’re more invested in the process. This has greatly reduced the need for us to follow up for additional information. The process that used to require my sending six or more emails just to get details for each event, is now accomplished in one task in 25Live.” 

Britney says, “Now that I can simply review and approve events as they come in, instead of actually building each event, myself, the system saves me a tremendous amount of time.”

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