Monday, April 21, 2014

Cornell's International Graduate Students are Submitting Enrollment Documents Online  -- Saving Time and Money for Everyone

Cornell University's Graduate School can now request and collect documents and personal data from admitted international  applicants via the Web , thus eliminating the delays and costs associated with faxes and certified international mail. A simple online form developed by Cornell and CollegeNET, Inc., allows enrolling international students to securely enter their personal data and upload supplemental documents, such as passports and bank certificates, needed to process immigration documents. The form can also collect and process any associated fees. "This process is so much faster and easier," said Jason Kahabka, Assistant Dean for Student Services & Admissions at Cornell University. "We've made it more convenient for our applicants and it's less work for staff. We process over 1000 I-20 documents and our goal is to reduce the processing time to less than one week, even during our busiest periods."

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